Acquisition - Gepulse

GePulse is a data acquisition program for National Instrument boards PCI-6035E, PCI-6036E, PCI-6052, PCI-6221, PCI-6251, and now also several USB interfaces, and for the Instrutech ITC16 and ITC18 boards. The program runs only on the Windows operating system. The program is for free but no responsibility  whatsoever is assumed by the author. The program does not need any special installation or registration. Suggestions and comments are welcome (

    Last version: June 2, 2021 - 
can be downloaded here:
    Note: On May 25/2012 there has been an important change regarding the management of the alternative output channel. See development history below.

The program is stand-alone, but severeal dll's are needed which may not be on your computer.

The newest version may require several dll's than can be installed using the following executable from Microsoft: vcredist_x86.exe.


If you have problems installing the newest version, you can still download the older but fully ok version fom May 13, 2008:

There are two download options:

  Only Gepulse.exe (Version May 13, 2008) (zipped) or 

  exe-file (Version May 13, 2008) including some dll's that might be needed



Help can be found in this online GePulse-Manual  (last change, Nov 20, 2012)

Further support:

- an up-to-date (13/04/06) description of the GePulse data file

- Matlab code to read a GePulse data file (written by Chengyu Li,

Development history:

Last changes in GePulse:

01.02.2015: Added seal-resistance window
31.03.2014: Added "DoNothing time" command
04.04.2013: Corrected negative leak delay behavior
19.11.2012:  Two changes:
          1. Filtering is now done immediately without waiting for the end of the sweep.
          2. Baseline subtraction implemented. This is valid for the display of traces and the online analysis.

25.05.2012:  Two changes:
          1. The scaling of the alternative output channel is now indeed taken as specified in the settings file
          2. The use or not of the alternative output channel is now specified for each stimulation sequence and not any more in the general settings file. The scaling continues to be specifed in  the general settings.

11.04.2012: Added memory of window state
10.08.2011: Added some more checks for reading corrupt setting or pgf files
20.01.2011: Several minor changes; improved sound control; two settings files
03.06.2010: Added Pollux step motor support
12.11.2009: Added possibility to size trace windows
04.11.2009: Corrected bug im memory allocation in incr. time pulses
01.11.2009: Should support NI-PCI1200; displays Cm and Rs
13.05.2008: Several minor changes (e.g. Command-texts are shown in the menu)
27.02.2008: Several minor improvements (e.g. right click on gap-free button invokes a context menu for setting gap-free parameters).
16.02.2008: Upon deletion of a tree item the numbering is now updated
13.09.2007: Added ratio analysis and integral in online analysis
06.09.2007: Corrected abf export (not yet perfect ... )
28.07.2007: Added check on the selected DAC channel and automatic retrieval of number of DAC channels for Nidaqmx devices
11.07.2007: Added the WAIT command in batch processing.
24.06.2007: Added small buttons to inc./dec. VHold
25.04.2007: Added popup for sweeps and flag to disable popup in tree
23.03.2007: Added right-click options in tree: export to file and copy to clipboard.
20.03.2007: Added possibility to copy online-analysis data in the clipboard with right-click menu
03.02.2007: Allowed editing of command also during acquisition; introduced the command "COMMENT"; introduced possibility to comment during gap free
13.12.2006: Added possibility to edit comment of series
15.11.2006: Added right click edit for sequences
13.11.2006: Show recording mode on startup
13.11.2006: Removed bug in reading old setting files
17.10.2006: Added auto-increment filename
16.10.2006: Added the possibility to visualize data as a table of numbers - for easy export
08.10.2006: Added the flag (and possibility) to update disk data file after each acquired series
13.09.2006: Corrected a bug introduced on Sept.11 - scaling was wrong for PCI-6035E interface
11.09.2006: Added possibility to select among several Nidaq-mx devices; added automatic retrieval of MaxSampling/Stim Rate for Nidaq-mx devices.
08.09.2006: Added specifics of some NI USB interfaces; Shifted the interface voltage range into the device-drivers. Cannot be changed anymore in settings (this avoids possible errors when switching interfaces).
22.06.2006: Fixed a small bug in Pgf-Edit (number of segments recalculated)
07.06.2006: Fixed a possible bug in file-save update
15.02.2006: added possibility to recover the last "unsaved" series
13.02.2006: added possibility (for Nidaq-interfaces) to monitor digital input to trigger a macro-string
12.01.2006: added Ctrl+F1 ... F10 macros
10.10.2005: added possibility of "alternative output channel"
27.09.2005: removed bug in stop-click
09.06.2005: added control about multiple instances of Gepulse.exe
12.05.2005: hopefully removed a strange bug that concerns the correct time scaling. This occured only in the "release" but not the "debug" version
20.04.2005: slight changes in "ShowDataSize" calls
02.04.2005: Made to work the sound during seal-test
23.03.2005: Corrected Zap and added remote control for ZAP
21.03.2005: Added ZAP
02.02.2005: Implemented Nidaqmx
24.12.2004: Added "Make train" button in pgf-editor.
27.11.2004: Added possibility to change remotely  the gain value of a channel.
26.11.2004: hopefully removed some mysterious bugs when working with ITC16, and long pulses: stimulation went in tilt if display gain or similar things were changed during stimulation
08.11.2004: added Table-possibility for "value"-gain; added sound
26.09.2004: added remote control
25.09.2004: removed bug in memory allocation
24.09.2004: fixed bug that time-scale was not reset in series-switching; added digital output buttons; added remote control with a limited number of commands
20.09.2004: fixed bug and fnished clipping
13.09.2004: reset scales; clip check
10.09.2004: corrected calculation of time increment with a factor
08.09.2004: added Export in abf-file
07.09.2004: removed bug in online analysis: if offset seg led to negative index program crashed.
02.09.2004: message "NOT STORED ON FILE" on trace- and analysis window
19.08.2004: added noise indication in seal test and removed small bug: when seal-test was stopped the "selected" sequence-index was always set to 0
06.07.2004: minor changes (e.g. "reset timer" immediately puts to 0)
16.06.2004: added Menu comand "clear screen"; gain box now updated on active channel change
07.06.2004: added ITC18 support
20.05.2004: added timer
06.05.2004: possibility to write out on ASCII-file several parameters like Resist, VHold. etc.; fixed bug in current update; title for stim-editor and settings window
19.03.2004: bug in gap-free if sample-time too large
17.03.2004: hopefully removed crashing bug on W2000/XP with ITC16 configuration by calling Interrupt() on startup
15.03.2004: added display gain settings buttons for each window for more than 1 channel
12.03.2004: removd another annoying bug: sometimes Gepulse initially crashed when storing-on was set as default
11.03.2004: put focus on new stimulation-sequence in the pgf-editor when created and improved several other minor things
09.03.2004: added "Clear message window" command; added possibility to fix gain; channel selection now as radio-buttons
09.03.2004: removed bug in the update of the front panel values that was introduced on 02.03.2004
02.03.2004: added support fo PCI6036E NI interface; removed small bug in change of editable status of front panel fields
11.02.2004: put online-analysis in message window
03.02.2004: Added online analysis window
28.01.2004: Removed bug: no time stamp for Gapfree sweeps was recorded; Inital Interface-select dialog invoked if not previously defined.
27.01.2004: Added ITC-16 interface support
02.12.2003: Simplified text messages and hopefully removed a mysterious bug here
29.11.2003: Removed small bugs and added blue lines around trace-windows
30.10.2003: added message "NOT STORED" if Store-Button inactive
24.10.2003: removed bug in clear screen when new file opened
23.10.2003: enlarged a bit tree view; added Textbox for VHold; enhanced speed for short pulses (<20 ms); added Shutdown in AdDa

For those who want to translate from German/English to Italian: Alessandra Gheri - Technical Translations